The Kit – CZ Trigger Spring Kit


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The Kit- CZ Trigger Spring Kit

The Kit, is a collection of Rushby Industries, springs and a retaining pin. The Kit will help smooth out and lighten the trigger pull on the SA and DA.

The Kit – CZ Trigger Spring Kit

The Kit, is a collection of Rushby Industries, springs and a retaining pin. The Kit will help smooth out and lighten the trigger pull on the SA and DA.

The Kit, includes the following:

  1. Reduced Power Firing Pin Spring
  2. Reduced Power Hammer Spring
  3. Upgraded Plunger Spring
  4. Steel Firing Pin Retaining Pin

Please read individual product pages for full explanations.

The Hamer Spring does not work with the CZ P01

If upon installation it feels a bit stiff, try reinstall the hammer spring and shoot it in a bit.  That will settle everything in perfectly.

11 reviews for The Kit – CZ Trigger Spring Kit

  1. (verified owner)

    the synergy between these components will make a huge difference.
    they all work well on their own, but if you have them working together, It is pure Magic.

  2. Vince Deysel (verified owner)

    If you are serious about the performance of your pistol then this kit is definitely for you. It just smoothes everything out of once you switch from factory parts to RI, you will be surprised how big of a difference a quality kit like this will make. From recoil reduction, easier follow up shots to double tapping, this kit will improve your performance!

  3. amallochbrown (verified owner)

    This is without a doubt one of the best collection of upgrades money can buy for your pistol.
    After a “bedding in” period of +-150rounds the SA/DA pull is astonishing, super super crisp and staggeringly lighter than stock. Your pistol will thank you for this. Every session at the range gets better and better. I would highly recommend pairing this with the “Jackal Trigger” the “RI guide rod” and “no.15 Recoil spring”.

  4. Muhammad Saloojee (verified owner)

    Is the perfect performance upgrade for a P07. Definitely worth the upgrade and highly recommended. The trigger pull is much smoother, quicker, and lighter.

  5. hanropret (verified owner)

    This is a must have upgrade if you like your gun because you will love it after the installation of The Kit.

  6. Justin Du Preez (verified owner)

    No brainer….. got this kit, did the upgrade and I was like “Wow” Just get it don’t think about it, you need it!

  7. hanropret (verified owner)

    This is the Must Have Upgrade the first and most important components on the P-07.

  8. Tanner Shrewsberry (verified owner)

    I learned about RI shortly before I actually got my P07 and I quickly realized they had something special. Not only cool pieces for a good price, but also the only real upgrades in long sea of emptiness. My first order through James was flawless and everything came quick and easy. I couldn’t get the parts to work at first (my own fault) but James was super quick to try and help me through it. The next order got delayed because of FedEx for a whole month and as soon as he realized he took up the mantle and talked to them constantly to try and figure out what happened to my order. The last order couldn’t have gone any smoother and it all resulted in a beautifully crafted firearm. We probably sent over a hundred emails and chats back and forth to each other and the entire time he was as helpful and friendly as could possibly be. If ever something messes up or I get a hankering for a new color in something, I’ll definitely be coming back to James Rushby. RI or Die!

  9. Sieraaj Karriem (verified owner)

    This kit has improved the overall performance for me. Faster, lighter trigger action. Less intensity on recoil too. Much smoother in my opinion. I’ve done trigger upgrade with trigger spring aswell as spring kit and magwell and I feel like a have a new firearm. Just a good amount of difference that results in 100% improvement. I must say comparing the OG products with the RI products for me was the night n day. RI just looks wayyyy more stronger and the fact that it’s coated give me piece of mind because that spells quality and longevity..

  10. Kasey Harmon (verified owner)

    This spring has noticeably made my trigger better!! Combine with the jackal trigger the gun performs better than I imagined it would. The kit was easy to put in after watching YouTube video. I did find it easier to remove the trigger pin with the slide still on the frame.

  11. Hayden Sofie (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic upgrade for the P-07. I had a stock P-07 for comparison and I was blown away by the difference these springs made! I was worried that this kit would lighten the trigger pull too much. Other kits on the market seemed like they lightened the SA and DA way too much to be practical for self/home defense. This kit, however, lightened the SA marginally, but in combination with a RI trigger spring and the SA had significantly less creep and a much smoother break. The DA got quite a bit lighter, but not too light. It is still a definite heavy DA pull but just easier to manage with how smooth the pull is. The springs definitely smoothed out the DA significantly. I would definitely recommend these parts and anything on this website. The parts are extremely high quality, they look and feel much better than the stock CZ parts.

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