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The Jackal is a CZ flat trigger for the P07, P09, and the Omega P01

This flat trigger is a drop-in mod.


The Jackal is a CZ flat trigger for the P07, P09, and the Omega P01
– Gives you a slightly lighter trigger pull.

– Flat-trigger makes sure that wherever you pull it from you get equal pressure.

– A slight curve at the top and bottom, helps you seat your finger in the perfect position.

– Made from strong and light 7075 T6 Aluminium.

– MIL-A-8625 Type III (3) Hardcoat anodised.

– Upgraded return spring is included.
This flat trigger is a drop-in mod.
Will only work with Omega P- Series pistols.

Colours with anodising might vary from those depicted.
When dry firing, since the trigger is flat there may be some discomfort (if you have sensitive hands) but that is caused by always shooting in double action. In the course of normal shooting, no discomfort will be felt.


Black, Red, Gold

20 reviews for The Jackal – CZ Flat Trigger

  1. Clinton Potgieter (verified owner)

    First of all the customer service and after sales support I received from Rushby Industries has been Absolutely Awesome, as for “The Jackal” flat Trigger this product is, easy to install and of the highest quality, made of Aluminum, the anodizing is done perfectly without any flaws, the Jackal comes with a new trigger spring… I found the new trigger to be slightly lighter and smoother especially on a double shot… I have the “limited Orange addition” and looks amazing on my pistol…
    Thanks for an awesome product, I will definitely be back for more custom parts…

  2. (verified owner)

    There is a big difference between a factory round trigger and “The Jackal” flat trigger.
    I find that the flat trigger helps get a consistent finger placement and intern results in the same trigger pull.
    One of my best purchases to date.

  3. amallochbrown (verified owner)

    Straight off the bat, this is one hell of an upgrade, providing a super crisp and clean SA/DA break and comes with an upgraded trigger spring . The Jackal does not disappoint. The high quality parts and anodizing look incredible. I highly recommend the Jackal be paired with the “the kit” for an even smoother and lighter pull in both SA/DA.

  4. Eugéne (verified owner)

    The Jackal is Definitely an massive upgrade to the OEM trigger. The reset/follow up shot is very smooth. Better control on the flat wide trigger than the original round cz trigger. Im very happy with my purchase. James service and assistance with installation was very helpful and professional. Thanks for the awesome product

  5. brandon gentry (verified owner)

    Awesome little trigger! machined well. Very quick customer service and even though I’m in the united states my trigger came in pretty damn fast! Would recommend 10/10 ill definitely buy more parts in the future! Loved the sticker so much I put it on the back of my car instead of on the safe lol the hand written note was super down to earth also. Super Glad I stumbled apon your website! Keep up the awesome work and let me know if you ever run that orange color again lol ill probably snag another trigger shoe if you do haha that orange is fire but blue looks really cool too!

  6. Tanner Shrewsberry (verified owner)

    I learned about RI shortly before I actually got my P07 and I quickly realized they had something special. Not only cool pieces for a good price, but also the only real upgrades in long sea of emptiness. My first order through James was flawless and everything came quick and easy. I couldn’t get the parts to work at first (my own fault) but James was super quick to try and help me through it. The next order got delayed because of FedEx for a whole month and as soon as he realized he took up the mantle and talked to them constantly to try and figure out what happened to my order. The last order couldn’t have gone any smoother and it all resulted in a beautifully crafted firearm. We probably sent over a hundred emails and chats back and forth to each other and the entire time he was as helpful and friendly as could possibly be. If ever something messes up or I get a hankering for a new color in something, I’ll definitely be coming back to James Rushby. RI or Die!

  7. hanropret (verified owner)

    RI or Die. The best in Quality Trigger on the market today. Don’t hesitate to buy The Jackel It will transform the feel on your Trigger in all the best ways possible.

  8. Steve Wentzel (verified owner)

    Not only does it look great but it performs extremely well. Much better follow up shots with a consistent finger placement. Easy diy drop in mod with a step by step video on the Rushby youtube channel.

  9. abraham.perezserra (verified owner)

    Great product, well machined and feels high quality, fast shipping. I run flat triggers in most of my guns due to the consistency of the shots, I haven’t tested this one in the range, but it feels like it won’t disappoint. Thank you RI for making my Omega better.

  10. Drew Doughty (verified owner)

    First and foremost, the customer service I received was incredible. The product, exactly what I needed to upgrade my p09. The feel is better than I could have imagined, far better than other flat triggers I’ve tried.
    Thank you.
    I will purchase more products for sure.

  11. Sieraaj Karriem (verified owner)

    Phenomenal improvement on accuracy and firearm stabilization during the trigger pulling action. The original triggers curve makes you pull the trigger downward motion towards you and with that without realizing you dip the nose of the firearm too. With the jackal installed I can feel that the flat surface allows you to pull it straight back and allows more accuracy by preventing the downward force due to the curve on the original trigger.. a worthwhile upgrade in my books. While most will wonder how big of a difference a trigger angle change can make.. go try it.. you won’t regret it

  12. Emmanuel Loch (verified owner)

    This trigger is fabulous!!!
    The angle and shape of this trigger is perfect and the little lip at the bottom is just enough to keep the finger in place.
    I preferred your trigger spring compared to the Mcarbo one, a little bit lighter and better quality (electroplated black).
    Really great work, I encourage you to continue!
    Emmanuel from Canada

  13. Kasey Harmon (verified owner)

    I love this trigger it was everything I was looking for. it was easy to instal after watching the video, great customer service!!!

  14. mushin2k (verified owner)

    This trigger is a game changer for my CZ P 07. After sending a few emails asking recommendations for my CZ, James responded swiftly with his replies. I ordered the recommended parts and now have an awesome shooting pistol. If you’re residing in the USA and are on the fence about ordering internationally, don’t be. Shipping was quick and without problems. I live in Kansas and received my parts within a week. Much respect and thanks to you James for your talent and answering my questions. Best, Jeff

  15. Tim Bowden (verified owner)

    I’ll be honest I’m not too confidant about buying something from a different country, but read all the reviews and my local gunsmith wanted $60 to cerakote my existing trigger gold and it would take 8 weeks. Rushby gold trigger is only $46 and i got it in 6 days! he’s even got a youtube video showing how to install it. Legit service, zero issues with my order, I will be back next year for the magwell, spending some of that Christmas money. Thanks James for what you do, you have a return customer here!

  16. Gregory Hypes (verified owner)

    James is phenomenal! Very fast shipping to the US! Mailed on the 5th and I received it on the 13th! Easy install into both my P07 and P07 SR Tactical model. High quality and I like flat triggers in all my weapon systems. He sent nice packaging and sticker. Wish Palmetto State Armory still had this kind of fast quality service. Once I shoot with them Ill give more feed back but they feel and look great! Cheers mate (James)!

  17. Martin Maguire (verified owner)

    Got few parts…. Over the moon with them… 👍👍back now for more… excellent price, quality and service 10/10

  18. Chris Parsons (verified owner)

    Wonderful trigger! Both astetically feeling and looking! Video makes it quite easy to install. Lightning fast shipping, especially from half way across the globe.

    James is great. A+ quality and customer service. Highly recommend!

  19. Alexander Howe (verified owner)

    So far I love everything I’ve gotten from them. 15# recoil spring, and omega trigger have been phenomenal. The work here is always TOP notch

  20. Jacob Bourne (verified owner)

    This trigger quite literally saved the P09 for me. I was ready to sell it, as I just hated the feel of the stock trigger. I couldn’t get follow up shots out at even half the speed I can on something like a P10C. This, coupled with the other Rushby trigger parts, made my P09 feel like an entirely different gun. I went from wanting to sell it, to now neglecting my P10C on range days.
    I also cannot say good enough things about Rushby’s customer service. I can confidently say after multiple orders from him, I have absolutely ZERO worries about if my money is being well-spent. He is responsive, usually the same day. He’ll generally keep you up to date with any delays and has always made certain that I was satisfied with my purchases. If you genuinely use any Rushby parts in competitions or something of that sort, he sincerely cares about what you think of the parts, and is sincerely happy to see them being put to use.

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